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Friday, January 30, 2009

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and RotF Trailer Awesomeness!!!

OK, so Microsoft's official Austrian Xbox blog leaked an image and description of Sandbox, the new Mythic Map Pack Map. As you may know, this is the first screen shot of this highly anticipated map that will come with Orbital and Assembly in the Limited Edition of Halo Wars, that I will be pre-ordering this Saturday.
The image gets really big, so open it in a new tab, and give it a look.

It's a symmetrical map that looks great for multi-flag and other objective game types. I think this map looks absolutely beautiful, and is described as "perfect for vehicular combat and Forge creations." The sunset and darkness gives it a really great feel that I can't describe until I get in there this March. I always knew that it would be in close proximity to Sandtrap and have the same style, but the outer wall along the expansive perimeter proves it.

Also, remember to watch the superbowl for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer! If it's anything more than a teaser I'd be shocked, but it'll still be cool. I'll have my new video camera by then, so I'll try to upload it on here temporarily, but nothing can beat watching it in your own home.

Thanks to Hawty McBloggy, and Bungie (pictures of the other two bundled mythic maps on there, too.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RotF News- Leader Prime Revealed

Well, just the back of the box, which does show him.

The features it is said to have include the following:
* Double Snap Out Energy Swords
* Electronic Speech
* Light Up Eyes and Chest
* Engine Revving and Truck Racing Sounds
* Automatic Conversion Sounds
* "Mech Alive" gimmick (which might be similar to Automorphing)

The box reads:
With the destruction of Megatron, Optimus Prime thought he was finally, after millions of years, at peace. Little did he know that the escape of Starscream would draw dozens of new Decepticons to Earth. The desire that burns brightest in his spark is that the war will soon end. He is determined to see that end come, and so he works with his human comrades and the other Autobots to hunt the Decepticons that have come to Earth, and destroy them, one by one.

Hopefully the glare on the windshield is just an effect, cuz that would look retarded, and I hope he has wrists, too. But this looks way better than the first one, I know that Optimus Prime is the only figure I'm going to re-buy that was in the first one. And I can't wait to see those double swords in action in the movie!!!

Thanks to Siebertron.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Makuta Fallen

Is it just me, or does "The Fallen" from the new posters look an awful lot like Bionicle's "Makuta"?
Here's the poster:

Here's my Makuta figure:

Here's a close up of his face:

And here's a photoshopped version I made to illustrate my point:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movies and Pain

I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop today, and it was great. Better than I expected, I thought it was the best comedy I've seen in a while, although I can't think of any good ones that came out last year. (Kung Fu Panda falls into the "Animation" genre, and is not a contender for "Comedy") I'm a huge fan of Kevin James, from his stand-up, to his show- The King of Queens, and I think this is his best movie. I strongly encourage all fans of his work to see this movie, it was spectacular.
While I was there, I saw the poster for none other than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. They didn't have a glass/plastic window over it, so it had wrinkle and fingerprints, what a tragedy... But more on that later....
I burnt my entire right pinkie finger in the magmatic sauce of a chicken pot pie (don't ask). It is easily the most painful burn I've ever had, and there were a lot. :(


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