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Friday, December 25, 2009

SPP Stop Motion- A Very Special Christmas Video

(Available in HD)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

This video was a killer on the last day. I did a bit of procrastinating during the week (thanks again, Modern Warfare 2) and I was up until 1am editing this Bad Larry.
I hope you all enjoy it! God Bless!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SPP Toy Review- Halo 3 Red "Captain" Elite Figure

(Available in High Quality)

So I found this guy while looking for a Sgt. Johnson, which I also recently acquired, and he's pretty sweet.

SPP Stop Motion Re-Upload- 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

So, I get an e-mail from Youtube telling me that the above video has become popular, and they want to start making money off of it with the Partner Program. Of course, God forbid I get to be a real Partner, this version is just getting ads on the video they choose.
However, if it's rejected, the video gets deleted, wonderfully deleting your most popular video, and ruining all of that hard work. So, eager to finally start making some money, I went for it, they gave their usual copyright warnings, but I continued on, because I thought of all the blatantly infringing material that so many of their other Partners have, and thought that I just be fine.

But, guess what happened? I was greeted with the utmost hypocrisy of YouTube, and my most popular video by far was deleted. (For the music, of course.)
You know, I could try to lead a revolution, threatening to boycott YouTube, or never click on ads and clog up their servers, but I wont bother. Because whenever someone does that, all that ever happens is people just get really bitchy for a while, but everyone's too much of a lazy, indifferent prick to actually contribute to the cause in any way, so it's a waste of time.

I, of course, have re-uploaded the video, and posted all of the stats of the previous video:
Originally uploaded: December 26, 2007
View count before removal: 174,715
Comment count before removal: 60 (All Positive, of course)
Average rating: 4.5 Stars

I will close by saying that I can't wait until I'm an actual Partner (which WILL happen), and I will be sheltered under YouTube's hypocritical wings, being able to get away with more because I'm making them money.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transformers: RotF Score

Yes, it's floating around the entire internets now, but I have not yet bought the CD. I will reserve my review of it until then. I've embedded it for your listening pleasure.

Standalone player

Please only use this as a preview or something to hold you over the few days until the release.
Please buy the CD when it comes out. It's bad enough that there was no second disc, despite the fact that about 110 minutes of music was recorded for this score, let alone that it's not even an hour long (an inexcusable 44 minutes long!!). So, if you don't buy CDs and soundtracks like this, then they'll stop releasing them at all.

I'll also be changing the main site playlist to start with some songs focusing on The Fallen to set the mood, nice and dark and creepy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Complete Assessment, Exposition, and Opinion of the TF: RotF Score Samples

Amazon has updated their listing for the Transformers: RotF Score, with some 20 second (why not 30 second?) samples. Check it out, it's amazing! One quick note, why do all the tracks have "(Album Version)" at the end of them?

First of all, the album art is amazing! Buch better than the soundtrack, like last time.

Following is my assessment of the preview of each track, there may be some spoilers, but it's mostly speculation about where the song plays, but still, I reference some plot points that a spoiler free person would not want to hear, so beware. So, Listen to the track preview, and then read my paragraph about it.

1. Prime- Very majestic, like we're used to for the main theme, which I believe this is. This song's name could have another meaning when looking at track #9. But, it seems to be a redo of the first movie's main theme, with some changes, as is customary for sequels, but it also seems to have a flavor of "Optimus" from the first score, which makes sense. But the changes are substantial, such as different background strings, a higher pitched, and predominately female choir, as well as more of an emphasis on the trumpets at the end..

2. Einstein's Wrong- I'm guessing this is the theme for Sam freaking out, but it might also be a more mellow leit-motif for The Fallen, as if it would play whenever some one mentioned him. It has as real feel of anxiety, and the excellent choir work adds quite a lot of suspense.

3. N.E.S.T.- I have mixed feelings about this clip, this song plays in Shanghai, and it features an instrumental clip from New Divide, I think this is the biggest part of what Linkin Park meant when they said they would be working on the score. The clip starts out average, but fitting for NEST, but then something happens half way through, the orchestra starts playing New Divide! The big, African drums replace the drum set, and the trumpets and some strings replace the guitar, I thought that was amazing, and I really can't wait to hear the rest of it.

4. The Shard- I thought that this would be the kind of music that "Einstein's Wrong" was, but it's clearly a battle song, perhaps when Starscream and Megatron capture the kids, but it doesn't seem quite dark enough to have anything to do with The Fallen. It's totally new, but is reminiscent of some of the songs that played during the entire encounter with Barricade in the first movie.

5. The Fallen- This clip is rather tame for the theme of the main bad guy, but it's over 4 minutes long, so it could easily change its pace. It seems to be an appropriate theme for the flashbacks that we saw in the New Divide music video. I would guess that Linkin Park had something to do with this one, too, but, it definitely seems very evil, which I love.

6. Infinite White- What the heck is Infinite White? I would now guess the desert at Cairo, although that's not white sand. This clip features a solo vocalist, and some African drums and stringed instruments, so I would say that it's possibly the introductory theme to Egypt.

7. Heed Our Warning- At 4:26, this is the longest track, and it seems to be a battle theme mostly for Decepticons, or perhaps the theme of when Sam and Mikaela are hiding in the hut while everyone's looking for them in Egypt...

8. The Fallen's Arrival- This one confuses me. Unless The Fallen has a huge, magestic reveal (kind of uncharacteristic for a twisted villain bent on destruction), this track seems way too heroic for the entrance of the big bad guy, especially compared to his other theme. Perhaps he's not the only one arriving at that time, but it just doesn't seem to fit on paper. However, I'm sure it will work great in the movie. It's also a some what long song, so it's not the only theme in that track; but the pulsing, almost footstep-timed drums seem to fit him, but the trumpets just seem too heroic... whatever.

9. Tomb of the Primes- I'm predicting this one to be my favorite, because it's a redo of my favorite from the last score "Optimus", the song that makes me cry. Although, this clip really makes me feel like something big is gonna happen in that tomb...

10. Forest Battle- Seeing as this is the epic battle that early reviewers are saying rivals the T-Rex fight in Peter Jackson's King Kong, and is the most exciting part of the movie, I was hoping this song to be 5-7 minutes, but it's actually the 2nd shortest song. But I think Michael Bay will go the Bourne route and not play music for the whole fight. I sense some Linkin Park in this one, but the clip is mostly reminiscent of Megatron's action theme from the first movie. It's thumping beat gives a really sense that the 3 Decepticons are just continually pushing up against Prime, creating some real tension.

11. Precious Cargo- This is the shortest song, I'm guessing it's the theme for the Matrix, probably a musical translation of the quote "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing". Perhaps the formation of Devastator (although I think that that scene will be music-less to focus on the amazing sound design of the shocking Transformation) or the appearance of the sun harvester. This track seems to reek of Sam's destiny, and his having to do something with the Matrix. But, the "Autobots" choir and trumpets return for this one, which is great.

12. Matrix of Leadership- Yes, I just said that "Precious Cargo" sounds like the Matrix theme, and it does, the theme in these clips are exactly the same, this one just seem much more heroic and successful. Kind of like "No Sacrifice, No Victory" from the last one. Perhaps the Matrix has something to do with the tomb? But, the trumpets are the same, and the choir is slightly higher, but it's a longer song, so that's not all there is to it.

13. I Claim Your Sun- It seems obvious what this is. More Linkin Park in this one, as well as my favorite sound from a soundtrack ever, from an instrument that I have no clue what it is: the deep, bass sound, played once every 4 or 5 seconds. Almost like a simple pluck on the world's largest cello, first heard in "Downtown Battle" which most of this song sounds a lot like. Also, at the very end of the clip, we get a little bit of the creepy strings from "Cybertron", the flashback scene where Papa Witwicky first meets Megatron in the ice cave. It's also a 3 minute song, and is shaping up to be quite an epic battle piece.

14. I Rise, You Fall- A very sad song, with hints of the Matrix and Prime themes, which leads me to believe we might have some mis-information on our hands regarding the fate of some characters. There is some heroic sounds in there, but it's shrouded in failure, and The Fallen's darkness. I honestly don't know what to expect as far as an ending for this movie.

I think the whole thing is about 69 minutes long, which isn't bad, but I'm still quite aggravated that there's not a second disc, nor will I probably ever find the extra songs on the web somewhere like last time. It's especially frustrating that the crap soundtrack is getting a special edition, and not this one.
But, is it bad that I'm more excited about this than the actual movie? Probably. Writing this out was more exciting and heart stopping than watching any of the trailers, for me anyways...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SPP Toy Review- RotF Deluxe Class Sideswipe

(Available in High Quality)

So, first review of an actual Transformer. You can see the start of some new features, like stop motion instructions, although this won't become very prominent until the Optimus Prime review next.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

RotF Toy Haul- Week 1

So, this week I got Leader Class Optimus Prime and Sideswipe. Reviews of each of them should be up sometime during the week. These toys are amazing!!! Sideswipe can stand fine if you just take your time and do it right, and Prime is perfect (other than some small paint issues, but that's really picking nits). There is a much higher attention to detail this time around, and it's about time.
Also, my custom Halo 3 Spartan came in, but more on that in a few/several weeks.

Stay tuned for the reviews, and for updates on the figures I'll be picking up.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SPP Toy Review- Halo 3 Master Chief and ODST Marine Figures

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything for a while, I'll try to get back into it soon.
Anyways, here's my next video review.

(Available in High Quality)

The "Making Out With Marzipan is totally Awesome!" pop-ups are a reference to one of the most classic Strong Bad Emails ever.
For the record, I probably like Halo more than Transformers. But my obsessions are like my childrens, I love them all. (Another SBmail reference, It's a good thing the links are easy to find).

Wish me luck on find a RotF Leader Prime this Saturday.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

SPP Stop Motion- Premium Optimus Prime

That's right, after over ten months, me and my stop motions are back, and we're hitting the internets hard.

(Available in High Quality, Higher Quality, and HD)

So, yeah, widescreen and HD. I knew I good do it, and although I know that not that many people will take the time to load the whole video in HD, I'm glad I did it. It looks great, and I encourage you to try it. If not, there are other quality options...

Also, I figured out that I can do green screen, which is pretty cool. It should make a lot of stuff easier...

Also, I have made an animated gif out of the last half of this video. One is about the height of a gamercard, and the other is a little larger. Simply click on the picture to copy/paste the URL or save it to your hard drive. Feel free to use it in your forum signatures...



Monday, March 30, 2009

RotF News- Leader Class Jetfire Revealed!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Cthulhu of Transformers, Jetfire!

(Note the tentacle like-mandibles)
I know I'm kinda late on this story, but whatever. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Here's his bio:

Nice looking vehicle mode:

He looks kinda scary, which I like!

Here's the cool part:

That's right, he combines with Prime without having to buy any extra stuff like with
Devastator. However, looking at some other pictures, it seems like he basically just turns into a backpack with extra weapons...

In other news, after careful consideration, I decided to keep my reviews on my original channel, but I will not be putting as much music in them, if any. I also have (1st movie) Leader Class Megatron and Protoform Starscream in the mail, so I'll do a review of them and Protoform Prime when I get them...

Monday, March 16, 2009

SPP Video- Been Had Transformers

Here's a special video that I made....
First, an explanation.

Here's the video on G4's Attack of the Show's Around the Net segment for February 24.

So, seeing as I'm always thinking about Transformers, I came up with this version.
(Available in High Quality)

It was made in only a few hours...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPP Toy Review- Review of Movie Premium Leader Prime Upgade Sets

Yep. First video review. It's not really about the figure, though.

(Available in High Quality)

In other news...
I now have a Twitter Account, so follow me there. Updates are in the widget on here, too.

The Facebook Page has been updated, as have all pages, so become a fan there.

I also got a headset mic today because I may be on the TFWIRE: TransFormers Week In REview podcast this Sunday, the 29th. They're having a round table episode and are inviting members of the forums to join. No guaratees, but I should be on. If you haven't already, you should really subscribe to them on iTunes.

Also, all stop motions will now be in widescreen and HD!! I'm not yet exactly sure about the specifics of how I will be doing this, but I simply know that I can, which means I will.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

SPP Video Review- Introduction

As if enough people aren't already doing this...

(Available in High Quality)

Hopefully I'll be doing enough things different to stand out from the crowd.

I also picked up my copy of Halo Wars today, and the Mythic Map Pack.
Those maps are absolutely AMAZING!! Check my gamercard to see all the achievements I got.

Also, the Facebook page got a serious upgrade, as did all Facebook pages. It's really cool now.
Go check it out.

Also, once more, I got a Twitter profile. Go check that out, too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spartans in Disguise

Man I wish I had some extra money, but Halo Wars has it all right now.
I still wouldn't have enough for this custom Master Chief transformer, as it sold for $374.50

Made from a McFarlane Master Chief figure, an Action Clix Warthog, and an Universe Autobot Hound Transformer.
Thanks to HawtyMcbloggy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

RotF News- Leader Prime and Megatron In and Out of Box Pics!

These have been put up on eBay by seller 'yayabeee'. These figures are selling at $1,000 each with another two put up for auction. YouTube user peaugh will probably be buying them, and we should see a review from him soon.

Click the pictures to see a full size version.

Read the Bio for a little back story...

Tank mode looks better than his last jet mode, but it's still a little weird.

He definitely looks deformed, but after reading his bio, he seems to really fit the part and make sense.

Certainly reminiscent of the first movie's design, but still different.

But, as usual, let's focus on Prime!

I hate to say this, but I think the truck mode looks a little stale and uninteresting. It may just be the way the figure is photographed, but the red on the hood and the blue on the top looks bland. It looks like a lighter shade of blue, too. But it's good that the flames on the side of the hood are still there. But it may just be that it looks plain in comparison to my Premium one that's covered in stickers.

His transformation is really complex, but that's a good thing. The more pieces that move, the more accurate and detailed each mode will be.

Looks like battery replacement instructions, so we'll be getting some lights and sounds.

It appears that the swords cannot be removed, instead, they flip out from under the plates on his forearms.

Not much of a backpack, and lots of leg and ankle articulation means good balance and an opportunity for a wide range of poses. Plus stability, which is good for stop motions.

I dare say that this will be the best Prime ever, and, as you know, I have the 20th Anniversary one. This may even be the best Transformer ever, because obviously the best one will be a Prime. :)
But the level of detail and the amount of articulation is just breathtaking. I've already started saving up for this figure so I'll have the $40- $50 to buy him as soon as he comes out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking News... I WIN!!!!!

(Available in High Quality)

That's right, my favorite video to date is back, the original one, boasting Rebirthing by Skillet for the credits!
I found a video that explains how you can easily dispute the copyright claim if it's under fair use, which mine was. Do NOT abuse this system! You do not have rights to use music if you bought it, if other people are doing it, or if you credit the artist, only if it's under Fair Use.

Not everything's great though. My laptop is still not functioning, so the Reprolabels review is still being delayed.

Mass Effect 2 Trailer

(Available in HD)

This trailer looks awesome, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's not pre-rendered. No, I'm not an expert on the story, whether Shepard dies at the end of the first game or not, because I haven't beaten it yet. Newer games keep getting in the way.
But here's what I think happened: Shepard died, (obviously, as it said K.I.A.) but as he was dying, or shortly after, they somehow transferred his memories and his knowledge, essentially his entire mind, to a data disk. Then they found one of the many deactivated Geths lying around, and with the help of Tali the Quarian, whose people created the Geth, wiped it's memory and upload Shepard's. So he has an upgradable, immortal body. I also think his Spectre status will be preserved so that he can continue to protect the galaxy. This is the only explanation for the Geth having official Normandy crew markings. It will make future sex scenes even weirder then the first one with just an alien, though.
Anyways this looks awesome, the graphics look great, I think being an augmentable Geth will allow for some great gameplay, and I'm sure they won't screw it up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RotF News- Toy Fair Image Dump: Creme of the Crop!!

That's right, Optimus Prime, baby!!

Torso looks really accurate:

The detail on his head is absolutely outstanding:

His legs look rather awkward and rigid when they're straight. Some more action poses would be nice, but the accurate details (knee pads, tires, feet) are fantastic.

Two Swords!!!!!

Gorgeous truck mode:

The accuracy on this figure is amazing:

These two swords are sure to kick some serious ass, and he's going to need them, because here's what he's up against:

This picture obviously confirms Megatron's appearance in the film, but I don't think there was much doubt about it. Bay and his minions kept denying it, but I'm sure that they just wanted it to be a big reveal.

A quick word about the new "Mech-Alive" feature in these figures. Some thought that it was the new name for the first movie's "Automorph Technology" but it's not. Although Automorph is still present, it's not being advertised as much. Here's the difference:

Automorph: Moving one piece would cause others to move with a practical purpose, i.e. making transformations easier and faster.

Mech-Alive: Moving one piece causes others to move with an aesthetic purpose, i.e. making gears in the chest or arm move to make it look like a realistic robot.

RotF News- Trailer Screen Caps

Three Arcee combiners chasing Sideways:

Sam pulling apart a possible Insecticon drone:

Scorponok attacking a cane-wielding Jetfire:

The Fallen against some Marines right when he teleports at Giza.

RotF News- Toy Fair Image Dump: Everyone Else

Here's some more Toy Fair pics:


I don't know what it is about this Autobot jet, but I just love how his head looks.


This vehicle mode is absolutely beautiful.

Yay! More melee weapons!!

This, of course, is the preview figure of Soundwave in Cybertron satellite mode:

I'm not crazy about his big cartoony hands, but he's still pretty good.

Here's Starscream:

Here's the "Audi R8"

So, he's not called Barricade, but that doesn't mean that it's not him. They still look very similar, and he may have just changed his identity.

Now, The Fallen:

Kinda like a cross between Alien and Bionicle...

Here's his CGI model: