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Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPP Toy Review- Review of Movie Premium Leader Prime Upgade Sets

Yep. First video review. It's not really about the figure, though.

(Available in High Quality)

In other news...
I now have a Twitter Account, so follow me there. Updates are in the widget on here, too.

The Facebook Page has been updated, as have all pages, so become a fan there.

I also got a headset mic today because I may be on the TFWIRE: TransFormers Week In REview podcast this Sunday, the 29th. They're having a round table episode and are inviting members of the forums to join. No guaratees, but I should be on. If you haven't already, you should really subscribe to them on iTunes.

Also, all stop motions will now be in widescreen and HD!! I'm not yet exactly sure about the specifics of how I will be doing this, but I simply know that I can, which means I will.

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