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Sunday, April 5, 2009

SPP Stop Motion- Premium Optimus Prime

That's right, after over ten months, me and my stop motions are back, and we're hitting the internets hard.

(Available in High Quality, Higher Quality, and HD)

So, yeah, widescreen and HD. I knew I good do it, and although I know that not that many people will take the time to load the whole video in HD, I'm glad I did it. It looks great, and I encourage you to try it. If not, there are other quality options...

Also, I figured out that I can do green screen, which is pretty cool. It should make a lot of stuff easier...

Also, I have made an animated gif out of the last half of this video. One is about the height of a gamercard, and the other is a little larger. Simply click on the picture to copy/paste the URL or save it to your hard drive. Feel free to use it in your forum signatures...



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