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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Complete Assessment, Exposition, and Opinion of the TF: RotF Score Samples

Amazon has updated their listing for the Transformers: RotF Score, with some 20 second (why not 30 second?) samples. Check it out, it's amazing! One quick note, why do all the tracks have "(Album Version)" at the end of them?

First of all, the album art is amazing! Buch better than the soundtrack, like last time.

Following is my assessment of the preview of each track, there may be some spoilers, but it's mostly speculation about where the song plays, but still, I reference some plot points that a spoiler free person would not want to hear, so beware. So, Listen to the track preview, and then read my paragraph about it.

1. Prime- Very majestic, like we're used to for the main theme, which I believe this is. This song's name could have another meaning when looking at track #9. But, it seems to be a redo of the first movie's main theme, with some changes, as is customary for sequels, but it also seems to have a flavor of "Optimus" from the first score, which makes sense. But the changes are substantial, such as different background strings, a higher pitched, and predominately female choir, as well as more of an emphasis on the trumpets at the end..

2. Einstein's Wrong- I'm guessing this is the theme for Sam freaking out, but it might also be a more mellow leit-motif for The Fallen, as if it would play whenever some one mentioned him. It has as real feel of anxiety, and the excellent choir work adds quite a lot of suspense.

3. N.E.S.T.- I have mixed feelings about this clip, this song plays in Shanghai, and it features an instrumental clip from New Divide, I think this is the biggest part of what Linkin Park meant when they said they would be working on the score. The clip starts out average, but fitting for NEST, but then something happens half way through, the orchestra starts playing New Divide! The big, African drums replace the drum set, and the trumpets and some strings replace the guitar, I thought that was amazing, and I really can't wait to hear the rest of it.

4. The Shard- I thought that this would be the kind of music that "Einstein's Wrong" was, but it's clearly a battle song, perhaps when Starscream and Megatron capture the kids, but it doesn't seem quite dark enough to have anything to do with The Fallen. It's totally new, but is reminiscent of some of the songs that played during the entire encounter with Barricade in the first movie.

5. The Fallen- This clip is rather tame for the theme of the main bad guy, but it's over 4 minutes long, so it could easily change its pace. It seems to be an appropriate theme for the flashbacks that we saw in the New Divide music video. I would guess that Linkin Park had something to do with this one, too, but, it definitely seems very evil, which I love.

6. Infinite White- What the heck is Infinite White? I would now guess the desert at Cairo, although that's not white sand. This clip features a solo vocalist, and some African drums and stringed instruments, so I would say that it's possibly the introductory theme to Egypt.

7. Heed Our Warning- At 4:26, this is the longest track, and it seems to be a battle theme mostly for Decepticons, or perhaps the theme of when Sam and Mikaela are hiding in the hut while everyone's looking for them in Egypt...

8. The Fallen's Arrival- This one confuses me. Unless The Fallen has a huge, magestic reveal (kind of uncharacteristic for a twisted villain bent on destruction), this track seems way too heroic for the entrance of the big bad guy, especially compared to his other theme. Perhaps he's not the only one arriving at that time, but it just doesn't seem to fit on paper. However, I'm sure it will work great in the movie. It's also a some what long song, so it's not the only theme in that track; but the pulsing, almost footstep-timed drums seem to fit him, but the trumpets just seem too heroic... whatever.

9. Tomb of the Primes- I'm predicting this one to be my favorite, because it's a redo of my favorite from the last score "Optimus", the song that makes me cry. Although, this clip really makes me feel like something big is gonna happen in that tomb...

10. Forest Battle- Seeing as this is the epic battle that early reviewers are saying rivals the T-Rex fight in Peter Jackson's King Kong, and is the most exciting part of the movie, I was hoping this song to be 5-7 minutes, but it's actually the 2nd shortest song. But I think Michael Bay will go the Bourne route and not play music for the whole fight. I sense some Linkin Park in this one, but the clip is mostly reminiscent of Megatron's action theme from the first movie. It's thumping beat gives a really sense that the 3 Decepticons are just continually pushing up against Prime, creating some real tension.

11. Precious Cargo- This is the shortest song, I'm guessing it's the theme for the Matrix, probably a musical translation of the quote "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing". Perhaps the formation of Devastator (although I think that that scene will be music-less to focus on the amazing sound design of the shocking Transformation) or the appearance of the sun harvester. This track seems to reek of Sam's destiny, and his having to do something with the Matrix. But, the "Autobots" choir and trumpets return for this one, which is great.

12. Matrix of Leadership- Yes, I just said that "Precious Cargo" sounds like the Matrix theme, and it does, the theme in these clips are exactly the same, this one just seem much more heroic and successful. Kind of like "No Sacrifice, No Victory" from the last one. Perhaps the Matrix has something to do with the tomb? But, the trumpets are the same, and the choir is slightly higher, but it's a longer song, so that's not all there is to it.

13. I Claim Your Sun- It seems obvious what this is. More Linkin Park in this one, as well as my favorite sound from a soundtrack ever, from an instrument that I have no clue what it is: the deep, bass sound, played once every 4 or 5 seconds. Almost like a simple pluck on the world's largest cello, first heard in "Downtown Battle" which most of this song sounds a lot like. Also, at the very end of the clip, we get a little bit of the creepy strings from "Cybertron", the flashback scene where Papa Witwicky first meets Megatron in the ice cave. It's also a 3 minute song, and is shaping up to be quite an epic battle piece.

14. I Rise, You Fall- A very sad song, with hints of the Matrix and Prime themes, which leads me to believe we might have some mis-information on our hands regarding the fate of some characters. There is some heroic sounds in there, but it's shrouded in failure, and The Fallen's darkness. I honestly don't know what to expect as far as an ending for this movie.

I think the whole thing is about 69 minutes long, which isn't bad, but I'm still quite aggravated that there's not a second disc, nor will I probably ever find the extra songs on the web somewhere like last time. It's especially frustrating that the crap soundtrack is getting a special edition, and not this one.
But, is it bad that I'm more excited about this than the actual movie? Probably. Writing this out was more exciting and heart stopping than watching any of the trailers, for me anyways...


  1. the fallens arrival just sounded epic/ominous to me

  2. Prime is a good pleasant song it almost makes me feel sad for him for the Forrest battle scene.

    The end of The Shard is the beginning of the "We`re going to die" Scene involving the helicopter.

    I think my favourite at the moment is Einsteins Wrong however i may change it later.