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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transformers: RotF Score

Yes, it's floating around the entire internets now, but I have not yet bought the CD. I will reserve my review of it until then. I've embedded it for your listening pleasure.

Standalone player

Please only use this as a preview or something to hold you over the few days until the release.
Please buy the CD when it comes out. It's bad enough that there was no second disc, despite the fact that about 110 minutes of music was recorded for this score, let alone that it's not even an hour long (an inexcusable 44 minutes long!!). So, if you don't buy CDs and soundtracks like this, then they'll stop releasing them at all.

I'll also be changing the main site playlist to start with some songs focusing on The Fallen to set the mood, nice and dark and creepy.

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