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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SPP Stop Motion Re-Upload- 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

So, I get an e-mail from Youtube telling me that the above video has become popular, and they want to start making money off of it with the Partner Program. Of course, God forbid I get to be a real Partner, this version is just getting ads on the video they choose.
However, if it's rejected, the video gets deleted, wonderfully deleting your most popular video, and ruining all of that hard work. So, eager to finally start making some money, I went for it, they gave their usual copyright warnings, but I continued on, because I thought of all the blatantly infringing material that so many of their other Partners have, and thought that I just be fine.

But, guess what happened? I was greeted with the utmost hypocrisy of YouTube, and my most popular video by far was deleted. (For the music, of course.)
You know, I could try to lead a revolution, threatening to boycott YouTube, or never click on ads and clog up their servers, but I wont bother. Because whenever someone does that, all that ever happens is people just get really bitchy for a while, but everyone's too much of a lazy, indifferent prick to actually contribute to the cause in any way, so it's a waste of time.

I, of course, have re-uploaded the video, and posted all of the stats of the previous video:
Originally uploaded: December 26, 2007
View count before removal: 174,715
Comment count before removal: 60 (All Positive, of course)
Average rating: 4.5 Stars

I will close by saying that I can't wait until I'm an actual Partner (which WILL happen), and I will be sheltered under YouTube's hypocritical wings, being able to get away with more because I'm making them money.

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