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Friday, February 27, 2009

RotF News- Leader Prime and Megatron In and Out of Box Pics!

These have been put up on eBay by seller 'yayabeee'. These figures are selling at $1,000 each with another two put up for auction. YouTube user peaugh will probably be buying them, and we should see a review from him soon.

Click the pictures to see a full size version.

Read the Bio for a little back story...

Tank mode looks better than his last jet mode, but it's still a little weird.

He definitely looks deformed, but after reading his bio, he seems to really fit the part and make sense.

Certainly reminiscent of the first movie's design, but still different.

But, as usual, let's focus on Prime!

I hate to say this, but I think the truck mode looks a little stale and uninteresting. It may just be the way the figure is photographed, but the red on the hood and the blue on the top looks bland. It looks like a lighter shade of blue, too. But it's good that the flames on the side of the hood are still there. But it may just be that it looks plain in comparison to my Premium one that's covered in stickers.

His transformation is really complex, but that's a good thing. The more pieces that move, the more accurate and detailed each mode will be.

Looks like battery replacement instructions, so we'll be getting some lights and sounds.

It appears that the swords cannot be removed, instead, they flip out from under the plates on his forearms.

Not much of a backpack, and lots of leg and ankle articulation means good balance and an opportunity for a wide range of poses. Plus stability, which is good for stop motions.

I dare say that this will be the best Prime ever, and, as you know, I have the 20th Anniversary one. This may even be the best Transformer ever, because obviously the best one will be a Prime. :)
But the level of detail and the amount of articulation is just breathtaking. I've already started saving up for this figure so I'll have the $40- $50 to buy him as soon as he comes out.

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