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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RotF News- Toy Fair Image Dump: Creme of the Crop!!

That's right, Optimus Prime, baby!!

Torso looks really accurate:

The detail on his head is absolutely outstanding:

His legs look rather awkward and rigid when they're straight. Some more action poses would be nice, but the accurate details (knee pads, tires, feet) are fantastic.

Two Swords!!!!!

Gorgeous truck mode:

The accuracy on this figure is amazing:

These two swords are sure to kick some serious ass, and he's going to need them, because here's what he's up against:

This picture obviously confirms Megatron's appearance in the film, but I don't think there was much doubt about it. Bay and his minions kept denying it, but I'm sure that they just wanted it to be a big reveal.

A quick word about the new "Mech-Alive" feature in these figures. Some thought that it was the new name for the first movie's "Automorph Technology" but it's not. Although Automorph is still present, it's not being advertised as much. Here's the difference:

Automorph: Moving one piece would cause others to move with a practical purpose, i.e. making transformations easier and faster.

Mech-Alive: Moving one piece causes others to move with an aesthetic purpose, i.e. making gears in the chest or arm move to make it look like a realistic robot.

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