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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RotF News- Toy Fair Image Dump: Devastator

Ok, so it seems there are two versions of Devastator. One is all of the separate vehicles, that transform into individual robots. There are 4 Voyager Class figures, and 2 Deluxe Class figures, totaling around $100. Then there's the Devastator set, which is also around $100, and includes all of the vehicles that transform into combining parts. This is to keep up the quality, as it would be very difficult to make a figure that could go from vehicle, to robot, to arm, and have it look good... at the price of $200.

Here's Demolisher, the really big guy from the teaser trailer:

His transformation is really cool, and I really like the look of his non-humanoid anatomy.

Bonecrusher's brother, Rampage:

Now, here are the vehicle combiner figures, and the body part that they form, judging on their colors:

Demolisher, torso and shoulders:

Scrapper, right arm:

Mixmaster, head and neck:

Long Haul, right leg:

Hightower, left arm:

Rampage, left leg:

Here's Devastator

This is a leaked CGI model of him.

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